After finally finding some spare time I’ve got round to creating my own website/blog. Let it be a place for rambling about anything I encounter and my learning process on this web design front.
My main accomplishment today was managing to create my own LinkedIn sprite and link to compliment the github one down below. It involved tinkering with the SVG file and clawing at the basic HTML knowledge receding in my brain from year 7. But I’ve managed to implement it, maybe in the future once I’m a bit more confident I’ll try and get it incorporated into the basic theme, possibly my first open source contribution.

Tomorrow’s priority is to see if you can get a spell checker in Vim and overcome my Achilles heel of abysmal spelling. But for now, lets hit commit and make sure it works once uploaded.

21/09/14 Update.

Turned on the spell checker and corrected the entire post. Way too many mistakes to be proud of; still another learning point.